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. . . another litter from Lucy.

Come on girl, you're due today. What gives?
She is closed in the barn with the 'barn rats' to stay out of the weather and keep her sense of purpose watching over her charges. But I'm starting to wonder if she is even pregnant. She feels and looks loaded. But maybe I got the confirmed date wrong. Who knows. Only the Man above.

Pretty uneventful day for the most part. J worked online doing some Vet Tech schooling and Stacey is her normal cheerful self. They sure are a joy to have living right next door. How many of you can say you like your next door neighbors?

The weather report for the day . . . . yup, there was weather. Snow, then rain, then snow, then rain. Couple that with 40 degrees and you have an OK day. Certainly nothing to complain about. J and Stacey picked a hole shot for chores, but got rained on right at the end a couple of times for probably less than a minute each. Cocktail after chores, kids watched two episodes of something they had DVR'd and departed for the tin can. Us old farts did what we do at night, watched some TV, mother went to bed and I 'putered some more working on the Mercantile system.