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Better Days Are Here

Future Vet Tech
Well that didn't take long.

This past Sunday J stated that he was interested in becoming a Vet Tech and had looked at some online schools. "Cool, sounds good". Today, he's enrolled and completed his first lesson. "Even cooler". J enrolled in Penn Foster Colleges' accredited Vet Tech Associates Degree program. Needless to say we are very excited, proud of him and will support him through this next journey he has chosen. It's a perfect fit for what he wants to accomplish in the alpaca industry.

Carolyn spent the day working on selecting products that she wants to carry in our Mercantile. She has amazing organizational skills developed over so many years in the nursing field that apply to the current task at hand, stocking the store. Our POS system is due to arrive tomorrow, hooray! Let the fun begin programming all the items and getting them live online.

Moved the girls back to pasture after the dust settled from the last winter blast. We kept 'the barn rats' in the barn/paddock area and added JR so Nicky would have a mate. They are about the same age and enjoy each others company. Still waiting on Lucy to have her litter of pups. Maybe tomorrow.