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Anticipation according to Merriam-Webster is a feeling of excitement about something that is going to happen. : the act of preparing for something. We had both this morning at our 'morning meeting of the minds'.

Today as we plan our path of attack, 2 things immediately came to mind that we needed to consider. First off, we are expecting to receive our POS system from Square and second we are expecting some weather in the late afternoon or early evening. With that being said, the girls informed the group that they need to make a short supply run to Grants within the near future. After checking the weather reports for the next few days, the decision was made to 'do it now'. So, they hurriedly got ready and left to accomplish their mission, leaving J and I here to handle the ranch.

Carolyn and Stacey stormed Grants, took care of business and were on their way back by 3:00 pm. I played on the 'puter getting used to the Square Online and Onsite system, worked in the pastures and barn a bit getting some exercise, while J went to the tin can to rest as he is still not in top form. About 3:30 J joined me in chores. Before we knew it UPS was coming up the driveway with our anticipated shipment from Square and the girls arrived with their treasures. Unloaded everything, put it all away, completed chores by 5:00 and hunkered down to anticipate what the weather gods had in store for us.

All in all, a fantabulous day. We were right in our decision making. . . . .