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Seen Better Days

Sometimes being a steward of livestock is challenging, to say the least. Today was one of those days. Our Pretty Girl sudden crossed the rainbow bridge with what seemed to be complications giving birth. She went very quickly and we will miss her dearly. One thing I've learned is if you are going to have livestock you have to be prepared to accept short term defeats, know in your heart that it was God's will, and move on.

The weather presented a challenge as well. Sudden snow storm meant moving the girls to the barn and rearranging everything to keep them warm and comfortable. It wasn't a terrible storm, about 4", but it was wet and sloppy, so plowing was short lived. Coupled with my whole crew being down with this upper respiratory crud, I was on my own. Upside is, with a little multitasking and 'can do attitude', I got-r-done.

Tomorrow is another day and I will not only survive, but I will prevail.