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High Country Alpaca Shearing - The Start

The time has come to kick it into gear and get the 2011 shearing season scheduled. We are presently looking at about 1000 alpacas to get shorn in 5 states so far. The interest in Cody's services this year is very positive and a clear indication that he did a good job last year.

Cody schooled with Matt Best of Best Shearing last year at Magical Farms and then traveled with Matt up and down the East coast and New England area for 2 months as an apprentice and head man. Working and traveling with Matt to some of the best alpaca farms in the country was an invaluable experience. He got a great education, met some wonderful people and came home with some great stories. He paid his dues, so to speak.

Cody was only on the train about an hour, on a 2 day trip home, when the phone here at High Country Alpaca Ranch started ringing. It seems that another shearer had left several alpaca owners out west, shall we say "high and dry" with little or no notice. Word spread quickly that Cody was on his way home and by the time he arrived I had booked around 450 pacas that needed shearing.

With one day of rest and a truck full of new equipment Cody headed out to "save the day" and get his feet wet in his new career. Thanks to all the people that gave the rookie a shot, Cody was able to gain even more experience and make some wonderful new contacts. That, and his dedication to the pacas has given him a super jump start on the 2011 season.

Cody will be joined this year by his cousin Michael, who will be reporting here shortly from Michigan. Michael was very instrumental in the birth of High Country Alpaca Ranch in 2009 and is now raring to learn the shearing business. These two guys are a great team and will be very successful this year. They are serious about their mission, have a great sense of humor and will make your shearing day a wonderful experience.

If you are in need of High Country Alpaca Shearing's excellent service, please contact us via phone: 505-495-9232 or email: [email protected] If you are not in need this year, perhaps you could pass on our contact info to friends who might be in need of all we have to offer. We would love to hear from you.