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Dog Day Morning

First thing this morning J discovered that Pretty Girl had delivered her first pup, a boy. Being a first time mother, she seemed a little confused and put off with the whole thing. First reported to me that the pup was really big. That turned out to not be the case. Just a normal size pup. The odd thing is that as of 6:00 pm she still only had one.

J apparently has come down with the same thing the girls have been battling and is under the weather. Therefore I took over and handled the chores for the day. Felt good to be back at it and I definitely needed the exercise. Will probably give him another day to rest and kick this crud to the curb. Knock on wood, I still seem to be warding it off, with the help of my magic potion, colloidal silver.

Carolyn spent the day researching items she wants to carry in the Mercantile and making lists of vendors and products. I'm so glad she has taken this on because she is so focused and organized. If it were up to me I would just fill the store with candy. LOL

The POS system has been ordered and is on it's way. And so are we . . . . .