High Country Alpaca Ranch

A Fun Place To Visit

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Welcome to High Country Alpaca Ranch

A Fun Place To Visit

We created a fun place to visit. A great place to get away from it all and just relax your cares and troubles away. All of this below is just a part of our piece of heaven.

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Stop by and set a spell.

High Country Alpaca Ranch was established in 2009 and is located in Techado, NM. We are actually located at the intersection of Hwys 36/117, where the town of Techado, or Trechado on some maps, used to be. Trechado, Spanish for "stopping place" is listed as a New Mexico Ghost Town and was a Post Office from 1924 - 1947. We intend to "put Techado back on the map" with the help of our Alpacas.

We started researching Alpacas in 2005 after seeing the "I Love Alpacas" commercial on TV. We visited a few farms and it was love at first sight. Our original intention for the 24 acres we had purchased in New Mexico was to open a motorcycle campground and touring company, as we were avid riders and loved touring the country on our bikes. But after our introduction to Alpacas, we knew we had to do this.

We worked hard all summer of 2009 to get ready for our first animals. We have 24 acres of Pinon and Juniper pines that will eventually be fenced off into between 10 - 18 pastures. Our beautiful 1722 sq. ft. barn is definitely the hub of our operation and was strategically placed to insure a great layout, conducive to excellent herd management.

Our focus is on the fiber, as we feel it is hard to argue with the 5000 year old business plan that the originators of the alpaca industry have lived by. However, as the industry changes we are ready to change with it. In fact, in some regards, we find our selves ahead of the curve.