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April 2013

"Alpaca News" Archive for April 2013

Alpaca killer avoids jail news YouTube: 4/30/13York County high schoolers tackle flora and fauna in EnvirothonThe York Daily Record: 4/30/13Teen should be jailed for bashing Alpacas: RSPCABrisbane Times: 4/30/13Man who bashed alpaca to death freeSeven News Queensland: 4/30/13Qld alpaca killer won't serve jail timeBig Pond News: 4/30/13Bleijie looks at options after alpaca killer walks on paroleCaboolture News: 4/30/13Manure Management Workshop for Horse & Non-Traditional Animal OperationsThe Daily Item: 4/30/13Wayne Charles Hartwig, 19, faces sentence for slaying of alpacas Harley and Harrison on October 13 The Australian: 4/30/13Cedar Galleries alpacas stand tall after first showCentral Telegraph: 4/30/13Alpacas debut in show ringABC News: 4/29/13Alpacas go on show for the first time at a CQ showRockhampton Morning Bulletin: 4/29/13Alpaca farmers head to the showABC NEWS: 4/28/13Producers get alpacas ready to enter the ringABC NEWS: 4/28/13Alpaca armadaKEPR CBS 19: 4/28/13Fleece and yarn take center stage at Indiana Fiber and Music FestivalThe Courier-Journal: 4/28/13Woolly weekend ahead: Washington County's annual Fiber Tour slatedPostStar: 4/26/13More farmers raising Alpacas for prized yarnPantagraph: 4/26/13HCC Fiber Students Bring Home Awards from National Alpaca CompetitionHaywood Community College: 4/26/13Shock alpaca slaughter 'like a war zone': farmerThe Local: 4/26/13Add a little alpaca to your life at nearby family farmThe Bullet: 4/25/13Princeton Farm Day May 4 The Landmark: 4/25/13What It's Like Getting Your Hair Done If You're An AlpacaBuzzFeed: 4/24/13Alpaca at Almond School adds up to fundraising success Los Altos Town Crier: 4/24/13Hang out with alpacas at Florence Wool and Shearing FestivalEast Valley Tribune: 4/24/13Alpaca fleece is money in the bankHighlands Today: 4/24/13Elderly people give us joy and wisdomCDA Press: 4/24/13Zoo staff dress up as animals to practise emergency drill - picturesDigital Spy: 4/24/13Meet the alpacas of Painted Sky Farm in EarlevilleMiddletown Transcript: 4/24/13Alpaca shearing day in GermanyTelegraph: 4/24/13PHOTO GALLERY: Meet the AlpacasMiddletown Transcript: 4/23/13Wool, shearing on tap this weekend near FlorenceTri Valley Central: 4/23/13Art success sends doubters alpaca-ing The Star: 4/23/13Farms open for alpaca day Stuff: 4/23/13Alpacas in the mist: Northern stud puts the exotic into hobby farmingNorthern Weekly: 4/22/13Baby alpacas "dropping" every day at Double-H AlpacasIpswich Queensland Times: 4/20/13Braintree: More than 100 visitors follow town trail to alpacasBraintree and Watham Times: 4/20/13Denver Alpaca Shows to Feature Nation's Best Alpacas May 3-5, May 17-19PR.com: 4/20/13Ranch hosts public on shearing day for alpacas Lincoln Times-News: 4/19/13Columbia Gorge Fiber Festival; deals at Pearl Fiber Arts and Naked Sheep: Knitting eventsOregon Live: 4/19/13Alapaca Farm Harvests Solar PowerHuntsville News: 4/19/13Bolivia: The Alpaca connectionUnited Nations Radio: 4/18/13Madison County alpaca farm powered by solar panelsWAAY TV: 4/18/13More than 400 alpacas to compete at 2013 Great Midwest Alpaca FestivalAgri-View: 4/18/13Animal attraction is on showClarence Valley Daily Examiner: 4/18/13Everything’s coming together for Grafton ShowCoffs Coast Advocate: 4/18/13Pet and Guardian Alpacas for sale, Spring 2013 deal Toft Alpacas: 4/16/13Tight-knit group frequents Cape May alpaca farmThe Cape May Gazette: 4/16/13Silken Suri Alpaca Ranch Celebrates National Alpaca Month; Free Alpaca Seminar Offered on Grand Reopening Day at Silken SuriPR.com: 4/16/13From the farmyard to the catwalkDonnybrook-Bridgetown Mail: 4/15/13Spring isn’t just about lambs, as latest Alpaca proves The Galloway Gazette: 4/15/13Alpaca Expo in OwatonnaKXLT Fox 47: 4/15/13AN ALPACA YARNVindy.com: 4/15/13Alpacas up close The Southland Times: 4/15/13Crowds warm to alpacas as sun shines on Saltaire Heritage WeekendTelegraph & Argus: 4/15/13Alpaca Expo in OwatonnaKTTC Rochester: 4/13/13Therapy llamas, alpacas bring joy to patients at Oregon hospitalsEverything Lubbock: 4/13/13Foxes foiled by alpacasThe Reading Chronicle: 4/13/13Minnesota Alpaca Expo brings animal lovers to OwatonnaOwatonna People's Press: 4/13/13Alpaca Farm Packs a Lot of LoveWesleyan Argus: 4/11/13Alpaca ignores Selina Jen on variety showGroove Asia: 4/11/13Alpacas heading to OwatonnaSouthernminn.com: 4/11/13Rojo The Therapy Llama And Napoleon The Therapy Alpaca Spread Cheer In Portland (PHOTOS, VIDEO) Huffington Post: 4/11/13Perú Moda exhibe tejidos cusqueños de alpaca con técnicas ancestrales Andina via YouTube: 4/10/13Therapy llamas are the very best kind of llamasHLN TV: 4/10/13Growing demand for alpaca woolNewcastle Herald: 4/10/132013 MAPACA Jubilee Alpaca Show & Auction – April 26th thru April 28thFOX43: 4/10/13Our guardian alpacas: Farmers bring in South American animals to protect their newborn lambs from fox attacks Mail Online: 4/10/13Is meat the key to a sustainable Australian alpaca industry? Food Magazine: 4/10/13Portland continues to become a mockery of itself with 'therapy llamas'MSN Now: 4/10/13Watch these fluffy, white alpacas guard innocent baby lambsMSN Now: 4/10/13Hot or cold, alpaca socks are a treat for your feetCDA Press: 4/10/13Therapy llamas, alpacas bring joy to patients at Oregon hospitalsKXLF.com: 4/9/13Alpacas on anti-fox patrol in BerkshireSmallholder: 4/9/13Kusku Paku Farm adds to Jackson County industrial baseThe Sun Herald: 4/9/13Therapy llamas bring joy and help healMother Nature Network: 4/9/13Llamas and alpacas: Portland's fluffiest therapistsCBS News: 4/9/13Therapy llamas, alpacas bring joy to patients at Oregon hospitalsCBS News: 4/9/13Alpacas protect new-born lambs at Berkshire farmBBC News: 4/8/13Therapy llama spreads cheer in Portland KOIN 6 News: 4/8/13Peru: Cusco's designers to display Alpaca collection in ParisAndina: 4/8/13Commentary: Re-defining the idea of ‘exotic.Pork Network: 4/8/13Haircut day at alpaca ranchGrand Lake News: 4/8/13Alpacas competeOregon Live: 4/7/13Alpaca showOregon Live: 4/7/13Alpacapalooza competition celebrates 'peace, love and livestock'Oregon Live: 4/7/13Where there's wool there's a way in the Highlands News.com.au: 4/7/13Alpacas: Fleece to meet youThe Columbian: 4/6/13Alpacas thrive at Upper Peninsula farm Upper Michigans Source: 4/6/13Alpaca meat in demand in Australia. abc.net.au: 4/5/13Fancy fleece or fine meat?ABC Rural: 4/5/13If the fancy ever takes you to go alpaca trekking in Andalucia . . .The Telegrph: 4/5/13Alpacapalooza: Fuzzy, free, family-friendly funThe Columbian: 4/5/13Alpaca shearing fest this weekendForsyth News: 4/5/13Aussies hungry for alpaca meatABC Rural: 4/5/13The Hum of the (Not So) WildThe Santa Barbara Independent: 4/4/13Countrywide - April 6, 2013ABC Rural: 4/4/13Cape and Islands resorts cater to children with April vacation dealsBoston Herald: 4/4/13Toft Farm host Alpaca open dayCoventry Telegraph: 4/3/13PHOTOS: Open day at Dunchurch alpaca farmCoventry Telegraph: 4/3/13Alpacas' fine fleece: Yearly shearing feeds growing industryNews-Journal Online: 4/3/13New Zealand companies fined for selling bogus souvenirs to Asian touristsGlobal Post: 4/3/13Two Boone markets certified in roadside programCincinnati.com: 4/3/13PHOTOS: Open day at Dunchurch alpaca farmCoventry Telegraph: 4/3/13NZ Tourism Officials Join Chinese Authorities To Fight Souvenir ScamsBernama.com: 4/3/13Air force investigator turned alpaca farmerThe Lane Report: 4/2/13Crackdown over tourist rip-offs in New ZealandThe Sydney Morning Herald: 4/2/13New Zealand companies fined for selling bogus souvenirs to Asian touristsNZweek: 4/2/13Mary’s Miscellanea: Alpacas, birds and a buildingNews OK: 4/2/13Souvenir companies fined for scamming tourists Stuff.co.nz: 4/2/13Fines over high-priced, below-par souvenirsNewsTalkZB: 4/2/13Twocompanies and two individuals have been fined a total of $259,000 inthe Auckland District Court for cheating Asian tourists.Radio New Zealand: 4/2/13New Zealand cracks down on Asian tourist rip-offGoogle: 4/2/13Tourists sold fake goodsSun Live: 4/2/13Asian tourists sold fake rugs, duvetsNZ City: 4/2/13Companies fined for tourist souvenir scamTVNZ: 4/2/13North Mason students learn the science of raising animalsKitsap Sun: 4/1/13

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