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Specialized Care for Special Animals

HCAR Boarding/Agisting

Pricing: Base fee of $90.00/month per animal, includes:

* Adequate feed and facilities for normal and reasonable care required to maintain the health and well-being of the animals. "Normal and reasonable care" means the same standard of care currently applied in the management of the animals owned by the Agistor.
* Toenail trimming and teeth care as needed.
* Vitamins (ADEB12) routinely administered
* Monthly health care and weight records sent with each invoice.
Call for Details: 505-788-2236

Service Description

At High Country Alpaca Ranch we care for your animals as if they were our own. We are a hands on alpaca ranch and are personally in the pastures each and every day.

We take great pride in our husbandry and cleanliness of our operation. All pastures are cleaned twice a day. Water tanks are kept clean and full of pristine well water. Additional water buckets are in each pasture containing a mixture of electrolytes and pro bios in each. Minerals are also available daily.

Our animals are guarded by a super security team of 9 LGDs, both inside and outside the pastures.

For more information or to discuss your particular needs call:
505-788-2260 (Ranch)

Terms of Service

Fees for additional services:
1. Shearing at $45.00 per animal includes professional shearing, nail trimming, teeth trimming, cleaning animal prior to shearing, sorting and labeling of the fleece (blanket, leg/neck). Fleece is the property of the owner and will shipped to the owner at the owner's expense.
2. Basic halter training will be provided if requested by the Boarder and will be billed at the rate of $15.00/hour.
3. Birthing fee of $200.00 includes observation of dam, collection of afterbirth, treatment of cria's navel, monitoring nursing, administration of supplements if needed and blood draw for ARI/BVDV card. Vet charges are not included.
4. Any unusual mailing, phone, fax or other charges will be billed at cost with proper documentation.
5. Extra or extended medical care to be administered by High Country Alpaca Ranch will be billed to the Owner/Boarder for time at $15.00 per hour and costs of medications administered.
6. Show and transportation fees are $199.00 per animal in addition to the AOBA entry and stall fees, veterinary health checks and state regulated livestock port of entry requirements required for the show. Alpacas will be transported in a clean hauler or van. Grooming per show standards will be completed by High Country Alpaca Ranch or handlers.